#HiddenCashPawtucket has locals on the hunt!

 Nicole Brazier



PAWTUCKET – It’s a phenomenon that began recently on the west coast. Under the hashtag #hiddenmoney on Twitter clues are posted to lead folks to free money!
And now a generous Pawtucket native is bringing the hunt to Rhode Island.

It began with the first winners back in June… Sean and Rebecca McClelland, who found the $50 on their son Ryder’s first birthday.
“It was 50 dollars cash! We couldn’t believe it!” they said.

The McClellands put their deducing skills to the test… after seeing a new hastag on twitter – #hiddencashpawtucket.

The account @EnterPawtucket began using the hashtag to send out clues, leading to an envelope with the money inside.
The clues lead the couple to the bleachers at the Max Read field, though they were pretty skeptical of the whole thing.
“She didn’t think it was real, she didn’t think it was true, she was like, I don’t know who is going to be there,” Sean said of his wife.

I was still like, what if there’s something bad in here, what if it’s really not money, like, maybe this is a trap!” Rebecca agreed.

But there were no traps… just cash. The organizer, who goes by Shawn but is choosing to remain anonymous, got the idea after seeing it already in full swing on the west coast.

He stuffs the envelopes with money out of his own pocket. And while he says he’s no millionaire… for him and his family, the cost it worth it.
“Just know that it’s something that we’re trying to do to promote acts of kindness really. And if you do see #hiddencashPawtucket just think of giving back to your community or even paying it forward,” he said.

$HiddencashPawtucket will continue once a month though September and then sometime during the holidays a big cash prize worth hundreds of dollars will be hidden. So keep your eyes on the clues!
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