Hobby Lobby contraception challenge

By Dana Griffin



Washington, D.C. – Outside the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday, was a rally in support of religious freedom. Hobby Lobby along with other for-profit companies are taking on the Affordable Health Care Act.

“We want to continue to live out our faith and the way we do business,” said Hobby Lobby owner, Barbara Green.

Hobby Lobby has more than 15,000 full time employees at more than 500 stores, including one in Seekonk and another in Warwick.

The company does provide insurance coverage for many types of contraception, but its owners object to covering morning after pills and other drugs and devices that prevent pregnancies.

They claim that amounts to supporting abortion.

Green adds, “The choice that the government has forced on us is unfair and not in keeping with the history of our great nation founded on religious freedom.”

Now, the Supreme Court will decide whether Obamacare violates that religious freedom.

Supporters of the health care law's contraception provisions say a ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby could be a slippery slope.

President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards said, “Millions of women – right to preventive care – trumped by a handful of CEOs who have their own personal opinions about birth control.”

The Justices had tough questions for Hobby Lobby's lawyer…asking what would stop a company from denying coverage of vaccines or blood transfusions.

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