Home invasion terrifies woman

By Dana Griffin


EAST PROVIDENCE, RI- Police say three men dragged a 54–year–old mother by her hair through her home as they searched for medical marijuana.

Her name is Mary.

“I've been shaking since yesterday. I couldn't sleep, my son hasn't slept. I'm just so afraid that they're gonna come back,” said Mary.

Mary and her 23–year–old son have lived in their Riverside house for the past five years. On Saturday, at 3:45 in the afternoon, Mary was home alone; sitting at her computer near a front window.

A guy walks up to the opened window and asks for a man who does not live there. Mary told him, “wrong house,” thinking he would just walk away.

Mary said, “Next thing you know, he dove through the window and I tried to dial 911 from the kitchen but he pulled my hair and dragged me. He had a gun to my head and then he pulled me to the front door to let the other guys in who had masks on.”

But Mary's a feisty mother. With her freshly painted, hot pink nails, she fought to look at their faces.

“One of them, I got their mask off: the other, every time I tried to grab at him, he pushed me away,” said Mary.

The men were in and out within five minutes.

Mary describes her attackers, “The guy that dove into the window was in his late 50's, short gray hair, gray beard. All three of them were white. The last one had a Richard Nixon mask on.”

They took medical marijuana her son says he has a license to sell. Mary also has a license to use marijuana for her fibromyalgia, anxiety and panic attacks.

Mary adds, “I thought they were gonna kill me; I really did.”

Although shaken, Mary is grateful to be alive.

The suspect's car is described as a silver, older model Nissan with Massachusetts plates. Anyone with information is asked to contact East Providence Police.

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