Homeless dog undergoes emergency surgery

Courtesy of Attleboro Animal Control

Olivia Cianci


A neglected, starving dog has been found wandering the streets and has recently undergone an emergency surgery to remove two pounds of digested raw rice that had turned to cement in her stomach.

“Minnie” has been homeless and neglected for months, and has been forced to survive off of what she could scrounge on her own. When she was found, she was sick from the trash and raw rice she had been living off of. The vet even found a condom in her system.

The 3-4 year old dog, who, if healthy would have weighed between 50 and 55 pounds, was only a mere 30 pounds. 

Friends President Kim Penque said that Minnie “has a personality full of love and a heart full of hope.” The shelter is currently searching for Minnies owner, and anyone who recognizes her is asked to call the shelter at 508-761-5617.

Minnie is expected to remain in vet care for a few more days, where she will stay on IV fluids and medication.

Non-profit friends of the Attleboro Animal Shelter are looking for donations to help cover Minnies vet bills. If you wish to donate, make a check payable to FAAS, P.O. Box 592 Attleboro, MA 02703 with “Minnie” in the memo line.