Homeless express concerns over sanitary issues inside Cranston Street Armory

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Homeless people at Cranston Street Armory have complained about sanitation issues inside, ranging from uncleaned bathrooms to limited access to showers, and allegations of drug and alcohol use inside of the building, that is supposed to be prohibited.

Those are some of the major concerns of the homeless now calling on the state to make a change.

“There’s no running water, there are people that piss on the floor and they don’t sanitize it, they just leave it there,” said Cyrus Gallagher, one of the homeless people staying at the warming center.

Some of the poor conditions the occupants listed inside of the Cranston Street Armory have left them frustrated over what they call a lack of control by Amos House, the homeless service put in charge of running the warming center by the state.

“They’re suppressing them to make them stay here, and they tell them if they leave they’re going to lose their spot,” said David Rivera, another homeless person frustrated by the conditions inside.

With limited spots to sleep inside, Rivera said most of the homeless at the center can’t leave the property during the day, or they risk being left without a place to sleep at night.

That, paired with unsanitary bathrooms which are covered in human feces, as shown in pictures shared with ABC 6 News, that are not being shown due to their disturbing nature, also show trash and drug paraphernalia on the floor as well.

ABC 6 made several attempts to receive comments from the Amos House Monday in response to these complaints, but they did not return any calls back.

The frustrated homeless at the Armory, left expressing their concerns over this lack of action by the state.

“I hope the governor or mayor sees this and steps up to the plate and sends some real professionals to help them run it,” Rivera said. “Because these people don’t know what they’re doing. I hate to say it like that, but they don’t know what they’re doing.”


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