Hope High Teachers to Weigh In on Schedule Changes

By now we know how Hope High students feel about scheduling changes, but now some  teachers will speaking out on the controversial switch…


Hope Teachers to Break Silence on Schedule Change at School Board Meeting

PROVIDENCE – Monday at 6:30, 797 Westminster

A large group of Hope High School teachers is expected to turn out to Monday's School Board meeting to voice their opposition to the district's planned elimination of the school's block schedule.  Since a December Board of Regents meeting when more than fifty teachers, students, and alumni implored state education leaders to save Hope's state-mandated reforms, Hope teachers have remained silent on the issue.  Inspired, however, by the organizing efforts of Hope students themselves, teachers are planning to step forward at Monday's meeting both to explain their previous silence and put forth their arguments for keeping Hope's block schedule.  Student group Hope United spoke at two previous School Board meetings and even staged a walkout on May 13th to bring more attention to the issue and renew their call for open dialogue.  Many teachers share their students' passion for keeping their current schedule intact, but have felt unsafe speaking out for fear of losing their jobs or facing other negative consequences.  While district officials have firmly denied that any action would be taken against teachers for voicing their opinions, the perception remains strong among Hope's faculty.   Some of these teachers, along with Hope students and other community members, will be meeting with Supt. Brady and School Department officials Tuesday to further discuss the issue and propose ideas for a compromise solution.