Horse Found After Missing For Eleven Days

On November 27, Kristin Soares went trail riding with friends and her three horses. She never expected one to go missing but when Flash, her 19 year old Morgan got spooked and ran off, that's just what happened.

At first, Soares expect Flash to be waiting back at the stable when she returned but Flash was no where to be found. Soares immediately organized a search group and even started a facebook page to bring Flash home. She searched day and night, couldn't eat, sleep and think about anything other than her horse. Then she finally got the call she had been hoping for. A local hunter had found Flash wandering in the Freetown-Fall River State Forest, only a few miles from where Soares had last seen Flash.

She wasn't sure what to think when she got the call, “it was kind of unbelievable, I didn't want to get my hopes up if it was a false alarm.” But it wasn't a false alarm. Within a few hours she was reunited with her horse.

After eleven days in the forest, she lost nearly 100 pounds, but Flash is healthy. For the time being she will rest and enjoy time with her owners and stable-mates.