House Environment Committee to hear bills aimed at reducing waste, banning the sale of ‘nips’

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PROVIDENCE, MASS. (WLNE)- Lawmakers in the Ocean State have proposed a ban on mini alcoholic beverages generally seen at the check-out area of liquor stores, after cities and towns are also seeing theses plastic bottles strewn on the side of streets.

This is just one of several bills addressing waste that the House Environment and Natural Resource Committee will hear on Thursday.

Bills on the docket include prohibiting food service establishments from using disposable polystyrene foam containers and plastic stirrers, banning the sale of miniature alcoholic beverage containers, often referred to as “nips,” and prohibiting single-use plastic checkout bags statewide.

Public comments start at 4:30p.m. on Thursday, virtually or in person at the State House.

Individuals can testify over the phone, if registered by 4p.m. on Wednesday.

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