Housekeeping staff testifies about guns in Hernandez home

By: Melissa Randall


A significant reversal on day 13 of the Aaron Hernandez murder trial. Following last weeks testy exchange between the judge and prosecutor in the case the Commonwealth will now be allowed to ask Odin Lloyd’s sister about text message she recieved from him just before the murder. Those include: “U know who I was with” “NFL” and “just so you know.” Judge Susan Garsh had some stipulations.

She said the witness would be questioned “without directly or indirectly questioning her about any of the contents of the texts, her reactions- emotional reactions at the time or after learning of the death.”

On Mondy prosectuors also called 2 witnesses to the stand who may have heard the gun shots. They both work teh night shift for a comapny called Needle Tech in the North Attleboro Industrial Park where Lloyd was killed.

“I heard a loud bang. Maybe 4 or 5 times,” testified Barbara Chan who was listening to music in her car during a lunch break.

“Loud banging sound. like fireworks going off. There were 6 or 8 loud sounds,” said Michael Ribeiro who was also in his car at the time.

A balitics expert with the Massachusetts State Police was called to identify a .22 caliber gun foudn in the woods between the crime scene and the former Patriot players North Attleboro home. The defense says there was rust on the gun, which could impact the timeline of when prosecutors say it was ditched.

A former housekeeper, Marilia Prinholato, also took the stand. She was asked about seeing multiple guns in the home as early as May of 2013. The first one was found in a guest room off the basement while she was chaning the sheets. 

“When I took it off something, the gun, fell off on the floor,” she told the jury.

Prinholato says she saw the same gun, described as about 30 to 40 centimeters and black in color, at least one other time. Then she stopped looking because she was scared. On cross examination the defense brought up that the gun was not found in Aaron’s room or hish fiance’s room, but rather a guest room.

Another former housekeeper, Grazielli Silva, testified to seeing a diffent, larger silver and black gun in the home when she was picking up clothes in the master bedroom.

“I put my hands inside and I felt there was a gun,” she testified.

The Commonwealth’s theory is that the gun she found was a .45 caliber. Taht’s the kind used to kill Lloyd. The murder weapon still has not been found.

Jurors also learned that one day before Hernandez was arrested, he and Shayanna Jenkins asked housekeeping staff to sign a non-disclosure agreement about what they saw or heard in the home. The defense was quick to point out that the document had long been in the works. 

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