‘How is the country letting this happen?’: Rhode Island moms express frustration amid formula shortage

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — The months long dire baby formula shortage continues for families across the country.

According to a Datasembly, Rhode Island is one of the states that’s being hit the hardest.

“It’s scary because it’s a baby. It’s helpless,” new mom Hana Dufresne tearfully said.

Like Dufresne’s 9-month-old son, many infants often need special formulas for dairy allergies.

So, when major formula manufacturer Abbott recalled several of its popular brands, like Similac and Elecare in February, many parents were left scrambling — and still are.

Dufresne said her family across the country is keeping an eye out for formula and sends it to her home in Rumford.

“My grandparents are retired and they’re going store to store and they’re not coming home until they have at least one can,” she added.

Carissa Bram, mother of four from Providence, is having the same problems finding formula for her newborn twins.

“My pediatrician luckily had some samples, so they gave us some samples and then it was finding one can at a time, which those small Wic — we do get Wic — it was sometimes a limit of two. If we could find them, it was after five, six stores — sometimes calling up to 10 or 12 stores a day,” Bram added.

There is no word on when Abbott will reopen its manufacturing plant.

“We need solutions, we don’t need things to be looked into. How is our country letting this happen?” Dufresne said.

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