Huge brawl breaks out inside Providence middle school

By: Liz Tufts


Extra police are protecting the hallways of a local middle school, after a huge brawl broke out involving dozens of students. It happened at Delsesto Middle School. The situation was so serious. The building was placed on lock down.

Alexandra Diaz's 13-year-old son was one of 30 kids involved in the brawl. School officials sent a letter to parents letting them know violence will not be tolerated, but Diaz is afraid the problem is only going to get worse. “My son has been assaulted for the past two years, so many time, ” says Diaz.

She gets emotional even talking about it because she fears someone is going to hurt. “Its getting very extreme in the school system I want people to know and help out, ” says Diaz.

School officials say they're doing everything they can to protect every student. They issued this statement saying “”Student safety is the top priority for the Providence School District and we take these incidents very seriously. We continue to work with our police student resource officers to keep our school calm and safe for students and staff.”

In the meantime, the single mother of four says stopping the violence starts at home and she says more parents need to talk to their kids. “If we can all get together we can make a change and stop this violence, ” adds Diaz.

The school district also brought in a crisis team to help students talk about their problems before they escalate.