Hundreds of New Jobs Coming to Electric Boat Rhode Island

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis

Hundreds of Electric Boat workers applauded, knowing they will likely be employed a good, long time.

Congressional, military and business leaders making the news official that the General Dynamics business division will build 10 new U.S. Navy submarines, at a cost of $18 billion dollars.

“It’s also great for the economy of Rhode Island, because it typically generates several more jobs than the ones that Electric Boat hires. From subcontractors, to vendors, so this is good news,” said Sen. Jack Reed (D) Rhode Island.

Initially 450 new employees will be hired at Quonset Point, but that could rise to 600.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, “When Electric Boat came to Quonset Point 4 years ago, it created 2,000 jobs. Now with additional work over the years, and this new submarine contract, that number will double to nearly 4,000.”

“The jobs at Quonset Point provide a good living to thousands of Rhode Islanders and their families,” said Sean Davies, General Manager at Electric Boat, Quonset.

But that’s not all. Lots of businesses on Post Road are hoping for new customers, including Bravo Wood Fired Pizza that just opened four months ago.

“Well that should definitely help our lunch business and even if people live in the area, our dinner business… This part of Post Road is kind of being revitalized, some other new businesses have moved in and seem to be doing well,” said Gregg O’Neill, owner of Bravo Wood Fired Pizza.

Many hope that as electric boat prospers, so too will the state economy.

“Again I think it’s going to be a real bright spot in helping us to really continue to rebound in getting people back to work,” said Rep. Jim Langevin (D) Rhode Island.

This is the largest Naval submarine contract in U.S. history.