Hundreds protest outside ‘Gender Ideology in School’ discussion panel

CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) — Hundreds gathered on the steps of the William H. Hall Library Monday night, protesting a panel discussion entitled, “Gender Ideology in School.”

The event hosted by the Independent Women’s Network was invitation-only, expressing their concern for students.

“We literally are talking about kids lives here,” said Dr. Donnie Anderson, a speaker at the protest. “We’re not trying to talk anyone into being something they’re not, or push them in a direction. All we’re trying to say is, ‘Be yourself so that you can be healthy and happy’.”

“They’re cowards. They are cowards that they can’t come out and openly talk to you. The fact that you had to get special access to get in and speak with those people is crazy,” she concluded.

One protestor addressed those inside the library, “You hatred is hurting your kids. Be better.”

Chris Elston, the featured speaker at the event voiced his concern that children are being encouraged to explore their gender identity in schools.

He told ABC 6 News, “When we sterilize them, when we destroy their future sexual function, and when we turn them into life-long pharmaceutical patients, that is not helping a child be who they truly are. There’s a lot of misinformation, a lot of disinformation and propaganda out there that people are swallowing. So, I’m just trying to have truthful conversations about this.”

Both the protestors and those at the event said they welcome conversation on the topic.

Those speakers and attendees inside the library were escorted out by police. Dozens of protestors remained on property for their departure.

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