Hurricane Fiona: Rhode Islanders speak with loved ones in Puerto Rico

CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. (WLNE) — As Hurricane Fiona rips through Puerto Rico, leaving hundreds of thousands without power, the emotional pain is felt by those with loved ones on the island.

Central Falls resident Glenda Pagan’s family was one of hundreds of thousands without water, power and essential utilities.

“My mom’sover there with my grandma — waters getting into their house, so they’re struggling, but managing best they can,” Pagan said.

This storm comes five years after Hurricane Maria displaced thousands and caused billions in damages.

“It’s definitely bringing it all back. Reaching out to family members, not being able to reach them, the horror, seeing bridges in the streets and houses crumble, it’s hitting hard again,” Pagan said.

Central Falls Mayor Maria Rivera said she plans to make a trip to Puerto Rico to help with relief efforts.

She said any Rhode Islanders looking to get in touch with loved ones on the island can call Central Falls City Hall for assistance.

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