Hurricane Laura: Long Road to Recovery along Gulf Coast

Salvation Army providing support to hard hit communities in Texas and Louisiana, which may be without power for weeks.

By: Tim Studebaker

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Almost a week after Hurricane Laura left behind a swath of damage and destruction along the Gulf Coast, the long process of cleaning up and returning home is just beginning.

Kathy Clark is part of the response effort, on the ground in Texas.

Clark says, “Some of the communities have been without power since Friday, and it’s anticipated that the power outages will last two to three weeks possibly.”

That’s where volunteer organizations like the Salvation Army come in, sending local teams from Texas and Louisiana out to provide meals and support to storm victims.

Clark says, “We have 14 mobile kitchens from locations throughout Texas currently deployed.  Seven in southeast Texas, and seven are actually supporting our assistance efforts in Lake Charles, Louisiana.”

As storm victims return to their homes for the first time, in some cases, it really goes beyond a meal and some basic supplies.

Clark says, “Our disaster workers were there, and they stayed with them while they just kind of took it all in and looked at what had actually happened to their home.  They were very appreciative of us being there with them and walking them through that hard time of actually seeing their home destroyed.”

She says responding to disasters can be emotionally and physically taxing on their teams, but it’s worth it.

Clark says, “It’s long hours, but it’s very rewarding because at the end of the day, we get to hear all the stories from the field of how much they’ve helped those individuals.”

If you’d like to help, either by volunteering or donating, visit the Salvation Army’s website:

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