Hurricanes will play Thanksgiving football game at home

Nicole Gerber


WARWICK – A Warwick
high school could be playing it's last Thanksgiving football game next week… and thanks to the generosity of their rivals, the team will get to play on their home field.

Each year the turkey day Warwick
football game is played between the Vets high school and Pilgrim high school.

And each year, the schools swap home fields.

But a proposal to convert the Veterans High School into a
junior high because of declining enrollment sparked an idea by the Pilgrim's principal: offer what could be the team's final game, back to them at Vets… on a year they aren't supposed to have it.

It's an offer the football players are grateful for.

“Everything happens on the field, games practices… so it'll
always be part of our time here, it's real important to me, I mean, I love that
field you know?” said Vets senior player Jeremy Morrissette.

“It's kind of heartbreaking… I mean, possibly closing would
really just be horrible to see,” said his brother, senior player Kyle Morrissette.

The football program at Vets has 60 kids in it. But it's not just the players who are sentimental about the field.

“My earliest memories are literally scrambling around the
practice field,” said assistant coach Bryan Nappa. “It's a big part of our life. I've always had this school and
this program in my past and it's been a big part of my past, as I'm sure it is
for a lot of these kids.”
Nappa is a former Hurricane himself, and coaches alongside his father.

The players are keeping their fingers crossed that they'll
be able to keep their school once all is said and done. They're hoping that this Thanksgiving home game may even help in that decision.

“I hope the members on the school committee are there to see
how well functioned it will be, how much of a class act Vets is, and how much
every sport here, but especially the Thanksgiving day game, means to the
Hurricane community,” said senior player Stephen Denis.

The Warwick
School Committee will consider the consolidation proposal the week after the
thanksgiving day game.

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