‘I am so scared’; Afghan refugee in R.I. speaks out about Taliban seize

'What you're seeing on TV about the Taliban is not the whole story.'

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – “I’m scared, I’m hopeless, I am so worried about my family.”

When Masuma fled Kabul, Afghanistan in March of 2018 with her husband and three children to Rhode Island- she thought she was fleeing the country’s grave danger for good.

But now- nearly 3.5 years later and over 6,000 miles away from Afghanistan- Masuma finds herself fearing for her and her family’s life all over again in the wake of the Taliban’s total seize of the government. 

The 26-year-old, too scared to show her face on camera, shares her story and fears looking ahead with ABC6 News Reporter Olivia DaRocha over the phone.

“I am very thankful I am not there… but I fear for my family and friends who are there,” Masuma says, fearing what’s to come in the next few days and weeks knowing the Taliban’s potential.

Masuma says her brother-in-law back Kabul works for the Afghanistan government as well as the U.S. government- and fears he soon will be a target of the Taliban.

“What the Taliban says to the TV is not whole story they say in front of people in front of camera… There are many worse things that are happening that are not on the news,” she adds.

Masuma says she speaks with her close ones in Afghanistan daily but says the Internet and phone connection has just barely worked the past few days- fearing the Taliban will soon cut all connections.

“I just want the {Afghanistan} government if they can help, please help… Now is time. They are not doing their jobs.”


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