‘I chased him down the hall’: Man sneaks into Brown University students’ dorm

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Roommates at Brown University who live in Wayland Hall said they came face-to-face with the man who was arrested over the weekend for trespassing.

According to the student, the man was in their conjoined suites twice on the day he was later arrested by Brown Public Security.

Sophomore Iantha Ince first saw the man early Sunday, trying to get into her friend’s room. Ince’s friend was asleep at the time.

“I see a man going into the room of my friend,” said Ince. “He’s about halfway through the doorframe, hand on the handle. He grabs a handle and a bottle of shampoo and leaves our suite and runs down the stairs.”

Later that day, roommate Alexia Embiricos had a similar scare with the same man.

“I noticed he was in our lounge just standing there,” she explained. “I took a step forward towards him, and the second I did that, he turned around, grabbed a bottle on the top of our fridge, and started sprinting down the hallway. I ended up chasing him down the hallway, but as he started to go down the stairs, I stopped.”

After a brief chase on foot, Brown Public Safety arrested the suspect shortly after the man fled Embiricos’ dorm.

Embiricos and Ince gave statements to the school.

The two reported that the university suspects he may have been living in the basement of the residence hall. They also said the school has had similar run-ins with the suspect in the past.

“They suspected he had been living in the Wayland basement,” said Ince. “For the past month in both suites, a lot of our belongings had been going missing. It started to fall into place. We think that someone has been in our space taking things from your room.”

A spokesperson from Brown University addressed safety concerns in a statement to ABC 6, saying in part, “We’ve adjusted our police presence on campus to provide greater visibility and presence in and around our residence halls, and we’ve reminded students about safest approaches to building access and other general guidance about remaining vigilant.”

While all affected were notified, the occupants of Wayland Hall fear this is not shared with the entire university.

Ince, upset with the lack of transparency, concluded, “There seems to be no effort to make the student body aware that something like this could occur, and has happened.”

Embirico added, “It’s really just Brown itself that has not been particularly supportive.”

Brown said this is an active investigation into how long the suspect may have been in the residence hall, and how he got in.

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