‘I never thought he would do something like this’: Neighbors and friends shocked by multi-state pursuit

DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WLNE) — Neighbors and friends of Ian Grant, the suspect in a car chase that led police through Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, say they were shocked to hear the news, but realized Grant was struggling.

The suspect fled in his white pickup truck, after police began pursuit in Westport, ultimately arresting the suspect in North Stonington Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday morning, residents noticed flames from the suspect’s house.

“At like 10 of 6 I came out and the house here two houses down was fully in flames,” said Peter Simmons, a neighbor and childhood friend of Grant.

Authorities say they believe Grant set fire to his home. Simmons explained that he spoke with Grant as he was driving away in his vehicle, as flames overtook his home.

“His face was actually covered soot or smoke. I told him to go back and talk to the firefighters and he just said, ‘No I’m out of here.’ He said, ‘Pete, I love you man,’ and just sped off and that was it,” said¬†Simmons.

ABC 6 News spoke with Jaison Diaz, who said he used to work with Grant, and they’re children regularly played together.

“The last maybe month or so, he had an emotional breakdown or something. But, I don’t know what he was thinking,” said Diaz. “For him to be in that frame of mind, he really had to be lost.”

Diaz said Grant is lucky no one was hurt.

“Oh, my God, he’s lucky they didn’t kill him. This is horrible. I never thought he would do something like this,” he said.

Both men said Grant asked them for gas money within the past week.

Grant remains in the custody of Connecticut State Police, according to Rhode Island State Police.

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