‘I thought he was dying:’ Riverside woman’s dog ate drugs at public park

A Riverside woman is pleading with the public to keep a close eye on pets and children after an evening walk with her dog at a public park ended at the emergency vet, where doctors said her dog ate drugs.

It happened on Wednesday night when Julie Grant was doing work on the garden at Sabin Point Park in Riverside, alongside her two-year-old dog Jay.

The walk took a nightmare turn though, as Jay was starting to not act like himself in the middle of the night.

“Went to bed no problem but around 2:30, 3:00 in the morning [Jay] was pacing around the house,” Grant said. “I thought he had to go to the bathroom.”

The two went back to sleep but it wasn’t until later that morning when she knew there was something terribly wrong with the pooch.

Jay was unresponsive.

“I put the leash on him and when I tried to get him up he started shaking uncontrollably, had no control over his bowel or bladder. When I went to go touch him he flinched,” she said. “I thought he was dying.”

Jay was rushed to the emergency vet in Seekonk, and after a quick exam, doctors told Grant it was something Jay ate.

“They brought him back out to me and said he had the clear signs that he was under the influence of drugs,” Grant said.

Doctors asked Grant where Jay may have picked something up, and she knew it had to have been at Sabin Point Park.

They also told me that if he was a smaller dog he probably wouldn’t have made it through.

The Riverside woman is now warning both pet owners and parents to keep their eyes peeled.

“Please be careful of what they are picking up in the parks or even walking down the street,” Grant said. “I mean there’s a big drug epidemic going on.”

Doctors could not say for sure exactly what kind of drugs Jay ingested, but the dog is doing just fine.