Illegal catch donated to charity in New Bedford

By: News Staff


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NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WLNE) — Local veterans sat down to a nice sea food lunch Tuesday afternoon. The meal was donated after an “illegal catch.”

The kitchen manager at “The Veterans Transition House” was busy making Tuesday’s lunch: Baked scallops.

“It mixes up the usual menu rotation which is nice. Because usually it’s chicken Tuesday so we’re excited to have scallop Tuesday,” said Kitchen Manager Melissa Mann.

The seafood meal was a special treat for the homeless and at-risk Veterans who stay there and one they will not soon forget.

“It means an awful lot. That’s a really high class type thing and they are perfect here, you know?,” said Veteran Milton P.

100 pounds of shucked Atlantic Sea scallops were donated to the shelter and another in the city after Environmental Police seized them during an investigation in New Bedford Sunday.

“We were able to accept 52 pounds of sea scallops and it’s quite a gift. We’re all excited about it.”

It is not the first time the group has benefited from an illegal catch. In fact, over the summer they received a whole bunch of lobster.

They say local fisherman are often generous, too.

“They’re always thinking of us and we’re thankful of that.”

They will feast today, but say there will be left overs. The rest of the haul will be frozen and saved for a special occasion down the line.

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