In RI, calls for action on both sides of gun issue after TX shooting

By John Krinjak


Twitter: @johnkrinjakABC6

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — America is coming to grips with yet another school shooting–this time, 10 people are dead at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

"It’s a horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to the victims and their families," said Gov. Gina Raimondo. "We cannot accept a reality that we live in a country that has this sort of gun violence." 

Raimondo is again calling on Congress and the General Assembly to pass gun reforms. Coincidentally, the Red Flag law–which would take guns away from people deemed dangerous–and the bump stock ban made it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday night. 

"It’s vital. How many children have to lose their lives in schools before our leaders take action?" said Raimondo. 

"It’s tragic whenever we see one of these school shootings," said Frank Saccoccio of the Rhode Island Second Amendment Coalition.

Saccoccio says the real issue is school security. "We need to get real security in our schools, not another gun-free zone bill they’re trying to pass."

He says schools need to add metal detectors and armed guards. 

He worries the red flag law lacks safeguards to protect law-abiding gun owners.

As for the assault weapons ban, which has stalled in the legislature, Saccoccio is not a fan.

"That assault weapons ban was in place for 10 years nationally. It had absolutely no effect on crime," said Saccoccio. "And had it been in place today in Texas it wouldn’t have done anything. The shooter in Texas today did not use an assault weapon."

The Governor counters by saying banning military-style guns will make a difference.

"The time has come for that to happen and it will save lives," said Raimondo. 

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