Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Kayarian Wants Lower Gas Prices

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“I was born in Woonsocket Rhode Island and I moved to Warwick so you can say I am a true Rhode Islander… It’s a gorgeous state, I love this state,” said Leon Kayarian.

Meet Leon Kayarian, independent candidate for Governor of Rhode Island.

A businessman – who made his millions in the automotive trade – his big concern now is the student loan debt being run up by college students in the Ocean State.

“I never realized you guys owned so much money. Are you crazy? Going to school all this time and then they walk out of school and they don’t know where they’re going to go. And then they make 10, 15 dollars an hour? That’s crazy,” said Kayarian, (I) candidate for Rhode Island Governor.

Kayarian outlines his issue positions from his smart phone, and says his website has his solutions for student loan debt and other policies.

ABC6 Chief Political reporter Mark Curtis said, “For weeks we’ve been mentioning a candidate – Leon Kayarian, Independent for Governor of Rhode Island – and people say, ‘Leon who?’ Well, not any more.”

That’s because people driving up and down I–95 in Cranston now see a huge sign on Kayarian’s business, prominently touting his main goal – gasoline at 2–50 a gallon.

Kayarian is a big backer of business and oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens, who wants to bring in an oil pipeline in from Canada.

“The Keystone pipeline through. If he get’s that through, we get a million gallons of oil a day.”

Q: And we are less dependent on Arab oil?

“Yes, he’s trying to cut it out,” Kayarian said.

As one of 50, Kayarian says Governors have more leverage than Congress in bringing down the cost of gasoline.