Indoor dog park launches Kickstarter campaign

 Nicole Brazier

WARWICK – More than 1500 dogs come to Bow Chika Wow Town in Warwick, the state’s only indoor dog park. They’ve been coming for more than two years now… but their time there may be short lived as the owners struggle with the future of the business.

“It came to my attention last July that some things needed to be brought up to code,” said owner Alisa Paykos Theurer. “And so I was working with the landlord and all of a sudden in February we were told that he was not going to be doing it, we were not permitted to do it, and he was releasing us of the lease.

Though a deal could still be worked out, it ultimately could mean that the doggie haven will need to relocate.

“That was devastating. I think I absolutely went into panic mode real quick, but i reeled myself back in and just… you know… what are our options?” she said.

And so… a Kickstarter campaign was born – raising more than $3,000 after only three days.

But another $35,000 is necessary to either buy a new location or complete the renovations.

And the dog park staff is confident it will happen.

“We really try to bond with our members and I think they felt that and they’re giving back because they want us! And that’s really humbling,” said Paykos Theurer.

We have reached out to the landlord but no one was available for comment.

To donate to the Kickstarter campaign follow the link here.
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