Inmate allegedly assaulted by Hernandez says he won’t testify

By: Dee DeQuattro

Twitter: @Deedequattro


The inmate that Aaron Hernandez is accused of assaulting back in February says he doesn't want to testify.

“He doesn't want o be a rat,” said the Michael Maloney the attorney representing 25-year-old Andrew Booker.

According to Maloney, Booker was struck by Hernandez when he was handcuffed in a unit with the ex-football star. Hernandez was not handcuffed at the time. Maloney said he is looking into why Hernandez was not handcuffed but Booker was.

The Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said his office is seeking to file a criminal complaint against Hernandez as a result of the incident.

Booker is currently awaiting trial on drug offenses and is set for a motion to suppress in Fall River Superior Court on May 9.

Maloney is also representing Carlos Ortiz, a Hernandez associate currently facing gun charges in connection to the investigation of the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd.

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