Intense winds whip through Dartmouth

By News Staff

Intense winds rushed through Dartmouth Thursday afternoon, whipping objects throughout the area of Cross Road.

Sheets of insulation from the local Fire Station were lodged into neighboring trees by the wind.

These tornado-like gusts of swirling wind are called “dust devils,” which are often small and weak, and usually less than three feet in diameter. Dust devil winds are usually about 45 miles per hour, at the most.

A construction group working on the Cross Road fire station also lost some of there materials to the wind.

“It started just picking up the sheets of insulation, several at a time. And they just went hundreds of feet in the air instantly. And they were twirling around, twirling around,” said Daniel Cleveland, a worker who witnessed the dust devil.

Luckily, there was no serious damage to the fire station or other buildings and no injuries were reported.

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