Investigators looking into string of fires in Providence

By Abbey Niezgoda

An investigation is underway into a string of fires in the south side of Providence. Three of them happened in just three hours Thursday night, and they were all within a mile and a half of each other.

The first broke out outside of a liquor store on Narragansett Boulevard.

“I thought the building was going up,” neighbor Michael Dasilva said. “I saw the firefighters come out and start tearing the building apart.”

Most of the damage is now hidden by a sign, but something that cannot be covered up is what happened three hours later, just minutes away.

“The fence was burning in the front of someone's house,” Genesis Sullivan said.

A fire started in the hallway on Trask Street and as crews were fighting those flames, more broke out just around the corner on Potters Avenue.

Providence Fire Chief Michael Dillon says no one was hurt, but as long as they cannot point to a cause for these fires, investigators will be looking into whether or not someone set them intentionally.

“It's definitely out of the ordinary,” Dillon said. “We will bring in anyone that we think we need to in order to complete this investigation and prevent any other further fires.”