“It seemed like the right decision at the time, but then the Taliban took over,” local veteran reacts to Afghanistan crisis

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- In the past 48 hours, The Taliban has seized control of the presidential palace in Afghanistan.

This is ending America’s 20-year campaign overseas, as it began, under Taliban rule.

One of the many men and women who served overseas the past two decades is Providence resident Kyle King.

He’s an Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran and current Master Sergeant in The Air Force Reserve. King made three deployments to Afghanistan.

“The base would get attacked on a regular basis…after the first month it became normalized, it becomes part of your day,” King said.

Years later, Afghanistan is being attacked once again.

King tells ABC6 he feels a personal connection to the continued chaos.

“It was wild for me, I’ve been on those same air fields, I’ve been to Kabul, been to Bagram and it brought me back in time to where governments can be overthrown with force.”

The collapse comes just weeks after the U.S. decided to withdraw troops, following a 20-year presence.

We asked King if he believes bringing troops home was the right decision.

“I think it was the right decision, now obviously with the Taliban taking over the government it seems like all that work was for nothing but I like to think that all the work that The United States Military and NATO partners have done over there towards human rights, education etc. and the seeds we planted will still continue to grow, I don’t think it was all for nothing.”

While King agrees with President Biden saying a full deployment right now, that could change based on the situation.

The Pentagon also announced Monday that more soldiers from the 82nd Airborne will head to Kabul.

Approximately, 6,000 U.S. troops are heading to the country’s capital.

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