‘It shakes my whole house’: Mysterious ‘booms’ baffle North Kingstown

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WLNE) — Town residents said the unknown “booms” and “explosions” have left them on edge.

North Kingstown police unveiled in a statement Tuesday that they don’t know the cause of these disturbances and continue to investigate alongside state partners.

Residents on Old Baptist Road like Faith Ferris have never heard anything like it.

“It shakes my whole house,” said Ferris. “I grew up on a military base in Oklahoma, and it really does sound like testing explosives or some sort of bomb. I feel like we are just left in the dark here because we have no idea what this is — and it’s substantial.”

Ferris said the explosions shake her house at least once a week over the past month. She said her 3-year-old son is terrified.

She added, “He’s asking, ‘What was that?’ I’m obviously looking around not knowing what it is, and I just tell him, ‘Oh that was some thunder.’ He’s like, ‘But it’s not raining.”

“There’s something weird going on,” she finished.

Dawn Souza, who lives of on King’s Crossing Golf Club, said she heard a massive explosion that shook her house Sunday night. She rushed out her back door to find nothing.

“No smoke, nothing at all,” Souza added. “It just seemed unusual, very unusual. It was horrifying, I was scared to death, and I looked out towards the golf course out my shade thinking I’d see an explosion.”

While speaking with ABC 6 News, North Kingstown K-9 units scoured her backyard and the golf course.

On edge, Souza concluded, “My friends and neighbors here are pretty afraid not knowing what happened or what it was. I think the biggest thing is what it was. I mean what was it? If we saw something we would know what it was, but we didn’t. There’s not explanation.”

North Kingstown police said they have received reports from neighborhoods in East Greenwich and Warwick as well.

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