‘It was disgusting’: Witness recounts brawl at Narragansett Town Beach; Police identify adults charged

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WLNE) – The Narragansett Police Department has identified the adults charged in Sunday’s brawl at Narragansett Town Beach.

Lieutenant Kevin Bousquet said eight people have been arrested and charged, five of them adults and three of them minors. No one arrested was from Narragansett.

Bousquet said Domenico Deluca, 19, of Cranston, was charged with disorderly conduct.

Avery Defusco, 20, of Johnston, Samuel Richardson, 18, of Old Lyme, CT, and Aiden Bordeleau, 19, of Cranston, were all charged with failure to disperse.

Evan Rinald, 20, of Cranston, was charged with failure to disperse and possession of alcohol by a minor.

Police said they responded to the town beach around 2:15 p.m. Sunday after reports of a large disturbance. Upon arrival, officers were met with as many as 500 people congregated in the cabana area of the town beach that isn’t yet open to the public for the summer.

“Dominico Deluca age 19 of Cranston, after he was taken into custody for disorderly conduct, the crowd was getting hostile towards four or five of our officers who were on scene. So at that point, the officer in charge requested mutual aid,” said Lt. Bousquet.

Mutual aid came in from North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Rhode Island State Police, and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. It took approximately 25 officers to disperse the crowd, Bousquet said.

“Once my four or five officers that were there realized they were outnumbered we waited ’til backup arrived and that’s when they cleared the beach out.”

During one arrest, the person got away from an officer and a foot chase ensued down the beach.

“I witnessed it and it was disgusting,” said Roby Villella of North Providence. Villella was on the beach with her daughter at the time when the fight broke out behind them.

“Behind us, we started seeing two guys fighting, two young boys fighting and then punches being thrown and people rolling on the ground and people gathering in a circle egging it on,” Villella said. “Once that fight broke up, probably about 30, 40 yards away, another fight started and hundreds of people gathered in a circle watching it, screaming.”

She said when there were only a couple of officers at the beach, the crowd taunted them and called them names.

“People were taunting him, screaming horrible things. I saw teenagers try to grab for their tasers, trying to punch and swing on the police officers, and then finally more police officers came to the scene and it was still mayhem when they got there cause there was just so many kids around screaming, fighting… it was quite a disaster.”

Police don’t know what started the fight, but Villella said she heard it was between rival football teams.

“As a parent, I was so ashamed of those kids because I know if that was my child there, no. It was so beyond disrespectful,” she said. “I witnessed it and I saw how their kids were behaving and there’s no excuse for that. I’m ashamed for you, for your children, honestly. It was something that I never want to witness again.”

The five adults arrested have since been released. The minors will appear in Juvenile Court.

Narragansett police do not anticipate making any additional arrests.

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