‘It would change how Rhode Island and New England is viewed nationally’: Political expert weighs in on CD-2 race

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) —  The country’s smallest state will have big national attention on Election Day.

With a congressional chamber majority up for grabs, Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District between Allan Fung and Seth Magaziner could be the closest race the state has seen in over 10 years.

Political analyst Dr. Adam Myers explained why Fund could be the first republican to fill a Rhode Island house seat in nearly two decades.

“It’s a year in which the national environment favors the republican party and Fung is a polished candidate, you put all those factors together and it makes for a tight race,” Myers said.

While leaders in the Ocean State have been predominantly Democrat, Myers said Rhode Island has had a history of Republicans in major political seats.

“Between the 90s and 2000s, Rhode Island had a string of Republican governors and until 2000, Rhode Island had a history of electing Republican members of Congress,” Myers said.

Rising energy bills and inflation have controlled debates, Fung blames out of control costs on Democrats and why he voted against President Joe Biden.

Magaziner blames the economy on oil and drug companies and claims Fung backs right-wing extremists.

“Magaziner would be the typical democrat that would hardly toe the line. Fung on the other hand would largely stick with leadership in the house on economic issues and break on social issues,” Myers said.

While Myers said both candidates won’t have the biggest impact in the 435 votes in the House of Representatives, the race is more of a symbolic one for Rhode Island’s reputation.

“It would change the way Rhode Islanders and New Englanders think about politics in this region and how national leaders relate to this region,” he said.

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