It’s Easy to Say Cops Are Just Doing Their Jobs…

Some folks seem to take a cavalier attitude when you talk about a policeman, fireman or first responder saving a life.  I was at the State House today watching fire and police officers receiving the Lifesaver award for actually saving someone's life. 

Many of us say, when it comes to  that dreadful day when America was attacked on 9/11, that we will never forget.  I believe that's true, but what sometimes slips through the cracks is the sacrifice those firemen and police made.   Across the country, they get up every day and kiss their husbands, wives, and children goodbye, knowing that it could be for the last time.

The officer that I featured in my story, Chris Poncia, ran into a burning house on Manton Avenue and saved two teenagers.  The teenagers did not attend the ceremony and Officer Poncia told me he couldn't remember their names.  I thought, that's odd, because if he had saved my life, I would be in his  face so much that he would not forget my name.  I asked him about this and he just shrugged and said, “I'm proud to be a Providence Police officer, I was trained and I did my job!”

A lot of us say the same thing after we complete a day's work but there's not a lot of us who are willing to lay down our lives to do it.  You always hear, 'where's a cop when you need him?'  If you can find the two teenagers that Officer Poncia pulled out of that burning house on Manton, they will give you an answer: he was right there when we needed him.

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