It’s “Official”, This World Cup Has Been Marred

The officiating at the 2010 World Cup has gone from suspect to borderline criminal. The two outrageously bad calls in the Sunday games have left FIFA with a lot of explaining to do…oh, wait, FIFA never explains anything. In both games, in my opinion, the better team won, but, both times, we'll never know how things would have played out if the egregious mistakes hadn't been made by the officials.

In the England vs Germany game, the non-call on the “goal” by Frank Lampard was one of the worst bits of officiating that I have ever seen at this level. I play in a Sunday morning over-30 league and we would have been all over the referee if he made a similar call in our league. To think that it could happen under the spotlight of the World Cup in such a big game is incredible. Maybe, this is exactly what FIFA needed to open their eyes to the concept of video review and/or some type of technology that will make sure errors like this don't happen in the future.

The non-offside call in the Argentina vs. Germany game was slightly open to interpretation – sort of like a pass-interference call in the NFL, but was still clearly the wrong call. Yes, we see it in high definition super slow-mo with a grayed out area showing a straight line from one side of the field to the other, but the linesman was right where he should have been and still missed the call. I know the World Cup fields are very wide, but the infraction was about 40 yards away from the linesman, and he should have known right away that Tevez was offside. I can't believe he thought that Tevez wasn't past both defenders on the play. Keep in mind, he would have need both defenders between him and the goal since the goalkeeper was already near the top of the box.