‘It’s pretty ridiculous honestly’: Shoppers react to break-in at Warwick Mall

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — Police are searching for a suspect after the Warwick Mall was broken into early Tuesday morning. Both Target and Apple Cinemas had their front doors shattered.

Domenic Schiavone, the Warwick Mall Manager, said this is the first time someone has broken into the mall.

“This is a unique set of circumstances, it’s not anything that’s a pattern or anything like that,” Schiavone explained.

People are now searching for 33-year-old Alcides Medina III, who police say threw a rock at Target’s front doors to get inside and stole a flannel from the men’s department before quickly leaving.

Shoppers at the mall were surprised to hear the news.

“I think it’s pretty ridiculous honestly, the fact that he just broke a window and stole only just a flannel,” one shopper told ABC 6 News.

Medina also allegedly stole a one bottle of liquor from Apple Cinemas, which can be seen in his hand in CCTV footage captured of him running into Target.

“Probably he just didn’t care today, last night, and just wanted to go in and get something, nothing else better to do,” another shopper said.

Employees described Medina as a short, skinny, white male with tattoos. He was seen shirtless wearing jeans.

Schiavone said an incident like this has never happened at the mall before because people usually take the security cameras as a warning sign.

“It’s unfortunate, but happy that our systems that are in place, deterred and there was a quick response by Warwick Police who always do an outstanding job and my security is 24/7, so with a combination of those two things we were able to respond appropriately,” Schiavone continued.

He further added that the mall is a safe place, a statement shoppers seemed to agree with.

“It’s a nice place, connected to the mall, you got a lot of families here, you would never expect it to happen, especially this Target,” another shopper explained.

Anyone aware of Medina’s whereabouts is asked to call their local police department.

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