I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day

Clouds stay with us and temperatures decline

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Temperatures are on the decline as we head through the day where our peak high was just after sunrise. Expect the temps to be 44 degrees mid-afternoon. Skies remain mostly cloudy as we head though the day today. Overnight we start to warm up. Stay, scattered, spotty showers will pop up in the evening and into the overnight and rain chances increase for Thursday.

Sfcmap Wed

For tomorrow, if you are further inland will see temps reach mid 60’s, however, if you are located along the coast it’s upper 50’s for you.

Thursday High

As far as thunderstorms for our area, I do not see any positive vorticity advection that would indicate any thunderstorms as of now. The precipitable water measured is very good and at this point it’s closer to the dry side of the spectrum, the totals index is in the 20’s and you need totals to be higher than 44 meaning thunderstorms are not likely.  We could see some some heavier pockets of rain, but the totals for this event are around .25 of an inch.

As each new sounding comes out, we can keep you updated on our changing forecast.


Despite the clouds and potential rain chances the latter half of this forecast makes us happy.

TODAY: Cloudy. High 47 (reached this morning.)

TONIGHT: Cloudy, warming up. Low 47. Chance of a stray shower.

TOMORROW: Mostly cloudy.  Drizzle/Showers 30%. High 64. (inland warmer mid-60’s; coastal in the upper 50’s)

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny and breezy. High 58.

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny. High 53.

SUNDAY:  North turning south wind, warming up. High 55.

MONDAY: Warming up. Southwest wind 5-10mph. High 60.

Meteorologist Skylar Spinler




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