‘Jake the Snake’ takes over sidewalk in Warwick

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — One rock started a trend in Warwick. A project called “Jake the Snake” took off after TikTok users took to the trend.

The display was started by someone hand-painting a snake on a rock and leaving a sign, in hopes that others in the community would help the snake grow.

Jessica Couto, branch manager at Bank Newport explained, “Many, many people have been coming to add rocks to ‘Jake the Snake.’ Obviously, it is a TikTok trend right now, and we have seen families coming and have seen a lot of kids cross this busy street so they can add their painted rocks to Jake.”

A sign encourages Warwick residents to add a painted rock and contribute to “Jake the Snake.” (WLNE)

For many people in Warwick, the display on Strawberry Field Road has turned the sidewalk into a place people want to visit.

“It has been a great and really cute thing for the community and it has definitely brought families together,” Couto explained. “I have seen multiple cars park in our lot. The kids usually like to see all the rocks lined up before they add their own and it has been really cute to see,” she continued.

Couto said Jake was only a few rocks long and over the course of a few days, he’s grown around the corner.

Painted rocks line a Warwick sidewalk, forming “Jake the Snake.” (WLNE)

Michael Hansen, a Warwick resident said, “It is a new trend for kids to get outdoors and maybe get off their electronics.”

“It is getting people together. They are not arguing or fighting,” Hansen continued.

It is unclear who brought “Jake the Snake” to life in Warwick but it looks like he is there to stay.

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