Man dressed as a woman robs jewelry store

By: Gianna Fournier

On Tuesday afternoon at 4pm Correia Jewelry store in New Bedford was robbed by two men, one posing as a female.

One of the men was dressed in women's clothing and wearing a wig. Once entering the store, the suspect jumped over the counter and wrestled her to the floor. She fought with him as she screamed and he then wrapped duct tape around her face and bound her by her hands and feet. The second suspect proceeded to take a large amount of rings out of a display case.

Both suspects were speaking to each other in Spanish ad fled out the rear door. It is believed that they jumped into a waiting van that went easterly on Hathaway St. towards north Front St.

The victim was able to free herself and call the police.

These same two individual suspects were in the store on Saturday afternoon looking to buy a ring. It appears they were casing out the business at that time and returned to rob it yesterday.

No weapons were used and the female employee working at the time was unharmed.

The suspects are describes as follows:

Suspect #1 is described to be a light skinned Hispanic male around 5'10 and very thin. Last seen wearing a blonde wig and wearing pinkish/orange spandex pants with flowers on them, and a light blue V-neck T-shirt. Suspect #2 is described as a dark skin Hispanic male in his thirties, with long black frizzy hair in a pony tail wearing a tan T-shirt and possibly jeans.

The vehicle they escaped in is described to be a Dodge Caravan or Plymouth Voyageur type of vehicle, possibly black with gold bumpers with the numbers 201 or 210 on the registration plate.

Anyone with information is asked to contact detective Barry Pacheco at 508-991-6300 ext. 133