Johnston Landfill Stink Gets More Complaints

There are more complaints about the Johnston landfill. The stink is supposed to be getting better, but it's not happening, so a new contraption went in. Now the DEM has set up a monitoring system designed to measure the stench. 

Some folks there said they don't know if the smell is getting any worse with the work being done, but they said it's definitely not getting better.

Mayor Joseph Polisena showed us pictures of the work being done at the Johnston landfill. Crews are digging up new wells to allow landfill gas to escape.

“Like I said, those are pipes that are coming out of the ground,” said Mayor Polisena, “Those were taken today. You know is that methane pouring out of there?”

The mayor said it's pouring out because crews are leaving the trenches open while they work on them, leaving residents with a stinky situation.

“It is very uncomfortable. It's like garbage,” said Kellie Young, “That's what it is, it's a garbage smell.”

“It's a rotten egg methane, disgusting type of smell, like trash that's been in the garbage for a couple days too long,” said Corey Sprague.

Residents said it depends on what area of town you're in and what time of day it is. “Some days are better than others,” said Young, “Some days you go outside and you really, really smell it. It depends if it's an overcast day, what the weather is. You can smell it some days worse than others.”

“Probably three weeks ago or so, it's gotten really rotten, especially around the 295, route 6 right where we are now,” said Sprague.

Mayor Polisena said Monday morning, the smell was especially smelly at his downtown office. “It just hits you right in the face,” said Polisena, “It's never been this bad and for them to be trying to repair it, it doesn't seem like it's working.”

So he and other town leaders are taking it into their own hands, filing a lawsuit against the landfill Wednesday.

Resource Recovery Corp. leaders there said they're doing all the can to take care of the smell, digging trenches and using three flares to burn up the odor. In the past, they've blamed the smell on heavy rains this year.