Johnston neighbors concerned with uptick in thefts from vehicles

JOHNSTON, R.I (WLNE) –There was an increase in thefts out of vehicles in Johnston from July to August, which left some residents worried about their own property on Wednesday.


Since July, Johnston police officers looked into more than a dozen vehicle thefts.


“It’s hard to sleep at night. I’m worried about my car, what’s going to happen to it,” neighbor Theresa Jacavone said. “The other night around 3 o’clock the car alarm was going off for maybe 20 minutes and we did, you know, we were like ‘oh, did someone break-in or what’s going on?’”


Johnston police told ABC 6 News that there were suspected thieves going through vehicles all across southern New England.


“They’re taking anything that they can get their hands on. So, if you leave your doors unlocked, you have a lap top in there; they’re going to take it. If you have loose change; they’re going to take it,” Deputy Chief Joseph Razza said.


So, neighbors, like Jacavone, were taking were taking extra precautions.


“Just making sure you have nothing in the car that’s visible. Keep all your items in the house or in the trunk, make sure everything is locked, and just keep your eyes open,” she said.


The suspects in the case were facing misdemeanor charges of larceny of a motor vehicle, which carriers a fine of less than $500 per incident.

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