Johnston Officer involved in B&E, assault fire from force

Dee DeQuattro

A Johnston Police officer charged with breaking and entering and assault has been fired say Johnston Police.

24-year-old Marisa Ciccone has been fired from the Johnston Police Department after allegedly breaking into a Warwick home, demanding drug money, and punching a 17-year-old girl.

Ciccone just joined the force in December and was currently under the 1-year probationary period. Because she was a “probationary officer” Ciccone is not protected from termination by the Police Officer's Bill of Rights.

Johnston Police say she was terminated after an indepth internal investigation.

Ciccone was suspended without pay on Wednesday after she was informally arraigned on Monday night on charges of breaking and entering, simple assault and battery, and disorderly conduct.

According to police reports Ciccone and her boyfriend James Fortin illegally entered the home of Jamerson Bateman on Byron Boulevard in Warwick Monday evening.

Bateman told police that Ciccone was demanding money and cocaine from his former roommate who no longer resided at the residence. In the police report, Bateman said Ciccone got upset when they explained the roommate was no longer living there and began to search the house. The report says Ciccone threatened to get her gun and “blow everyone away.”

Bateman also alleges Ciccone was intoxicated during the incident.

According to the report, during the incident Bateman's 17-year-old niece attempted to push Ciccone away from her parents and Ciccone responded by hitting the girl in the face.