Johnston police discover skimming device in local ATM

Johnston police shared this photo of the ATM they found a card-skimmer on.

JOHNSTON, R.I. (WLNE) — The Johnston Police Department said they found an ATM skimming device in a Cumberland Farms gas station on Tuesday.

They said the small device was fixed to the Citizens Bank ATM terminal and most users would not give it a second glance.

The devices can also be fixed to self-check registers to obtain personal information from your cards.

Johnston police offered the following steps to take before using an ATM or card reader:

  • Scan the area for hidden cameras that may be recording you typing in your PIN.
  • Compare the card reader keypad to the rest of the machine. The colors and styles should all match.
  • Assess for obvious signs of tampering including broken or dented panels and security seals.
  • Nudge the card reader keypad. Card skinners and fake keypads are meant to be removed so if it feels loose, it may be a skimmer.

The department urges anyone who may have used the ATM at the Killingly Street Cumberland Farms to check with their financial institutions for unauthorized transactions or signs of fraud.

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