Johnston reaches an agreement over Central Landfill

Nicole Gerber


JOHNSTON – Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena made the announcement late this afternoon… Broadrock gas services will reopen the plant at the landfill, despite past permitting violations, odors, and explosions.

A total of $5 million goes to the town of Johnston as a result of this deal: $3 million from resource recovery, and $2 million from the agreement – which says that an independent company will be brought in to manage the landfill's gas removal.

“That was a sticking point with me,” said mayor Polisena. “I wanted to make sure that an independent company would come in and handle the gas, because obviously you know resource recovery And Broadrock were having difficulty…so you need a company that will come in and handle that.”

Broadrock will be making some changes to their facility, also conditions of this agreement, and they plan on restarting their operations within the next few days.