Johnston schools limiting bus service

School Bus


Assistant Superintendent of Schools Julie Zarrella informed those in the Johnston School Community that they will only be able to provide buses for Special Education students and St. Phillips until the holiday break. All other students will need to be dropped off to and from school by either a parent or guardian.

In an email sent to parents just before 6:30 Tuesday evening, the Assistant Superintendent informed parents that an unreleased number of bus drivers needed to be quarantined. Zarrella also cites the bus driver shortage for the lack of available transportation.

Some parents expressed their frustration at the lack of notice they were given to figure out how they were going to get their children to school the next day, and hope the district will consider remote learning. “I plan on sending a letter with her begging them to give me a computer so my daughter can distant learn,” says Johnston parent Amanda Galasso. “There’s no possible way I can take her to and from school with my type of job. I can’t.”

Parents also cited concerns about traffic backups in those areas, and one parent who wishes to remain anonymous said, “If I could have said something to them, it would be that they need to come out with a plan B. Just in case this were to happen again in the future.”


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