Johnston Woman Fears For Life, Her Ex Is Stalking Her

A Johnston woman is living in fear. She said her ex-boyfriend is stalking her and her family. Despite police being heavily involved in protecting them, her fiance has been stabbed. Just last week, her ex was hiding in the woods near their apartment.

Marissa Antignano said it was hard enough to leave her violent boyfriend of 13 years. She said he beat her and verbally abused her, but Marissa tells us it's even more difficult to deal with what's happened since then.    

Marissa let us hear a 911 call made in 2009 when her ex stormed into her home, assaulted her and stabbed her fiance. Even now, it's tough for her to listen to.

“It gives me the chills,” said Marissa, “It makes me sick. It just brings the fear right back into my life. I don't know. I can't explain it, the chills. It's horrible.”

Her ex-boyfriend Damion Jackson served several months for that assault, but now he's out of jail. And Marissa said she's heard him in the woods near her house. Just last week, Jackson was arrested by Johnston Police for being there.

“He just keep violating no contact orders and getting released the next day, so I'm in fear of my life, my children's life, my family's life and nobody seems to want to help me very much,” said Marissa.

Her fiance feels like, at this point, the his family has nowhere to turn. “We're just going to be out playing one day and kill us and kill himself on top of it,” said Chris Fortin, “We're just afraid. We don't know what to do with the police, with the courts. No one seems to be helping us.”

Johnston Police assured us they're doing everything they can, arresting Jackson four times, including last week when their K9 unit tracked Jackson's scent through the woods near Marissa's home.     

Domestic violence advocates said the family can't rely on police. They have to make a safety plan.

“Kind of looking at your day, looking at the things that you do and knowing your abuser knows everything about your life. They lived with you,” said Zulma Garcia of Rhode Island Coalition of Domestic Violence.

Since we started working on this story, domestic violence groups have contacted the family to work on a safety plan. As for Damion Jackson, police tell us he's out of jail …as he waits for an April 4th hearing for violating his no contact order.