Joseph Hulkow honored as a man of peace

Joe Hulkow who died in a car crash last weekend, worked for the institute for the study and practice of non-violence. His co-workers are devastated so they decided to honor him by continuing his work with a program called peace talks. It gives kids a chance to express themselves through song, dance and public speaking. Joe's co-workers say Hulkow worked tirelessly and would help anyone in need.Draper Bodden who worked at with Hulkow says I've never met anybody who had the drive and passion who tried to change youth, Joe was the example ,he would go out of his way to chase a youth down the block or throughout the building to try to sit down and talk to them..Joe Hulkows family, friends and co-workers will say goodbye to him on Friday. His funeral will be held at the Pond  Street Baptist Church,