JOUNCE puts a spin on fitness

 By: Alexandra Cowley 

There’s a new workout trend in town just in time for beach season. It’s called Jounce. It was started by twin sisters, using trampolines, strobe lights, loud music, and weights. You’re guaranteed to get a full body workout.

It all happens at The Van Gogh Lounge in Providence. It’s a dance club at night, but by day it’s a fitness club. The instructors say it’s the healthy way to party.

The workout involves trampolines, blaring music, strobe lights, glow sticks and whistles for the instructors.

It all started with Stacey Liakos and her twin sister Jennifer Caputi. Stacey’s husband runs Van Gogh Lounge.

“My sister and I have always been into fitness and worked out and played sports all of our lives and my husband owns the nightclub. I’ve always had an idea to put something fitness related in the space but I didn’t know what,” explained Liakos. 

The idea came to her after seeing a viral video of the workout called “Rebounding.” Liakos decided Jounce was a better name, bouncing and jumping. 

“I called my sister and told my husband we’re going to do trampolines and have it in the club,” said Liakos. 

“she said , I have this idea and the perfect name, Jounce,” said Caputi. 

Jounce has been jumping in the night club for three months and as fun as it is, it’s an even better workout.

Expect to do squats, push ups, pull ups, kick boxing, it’s no joke.

Liakos explained, “Its funny I used to be at the nightclub all the time having fun until two in the morning and now I’m getting up, coming here opening to have a class at 8 in the morning. So, it’s comical. But the atmosphere is kind of fun and gets your mind not off the workout, but when you have the strobe lights and the music blaring and just being in a nightclub just gives you kind of a happy, fun type of attitude and then you’re working out at the same time.”

The best part is the sisters made it their own. Jounce is the name they coined for the workout and you won’t find a fitness party like it anywhere else

The ladies of Jounce will be hosting a social sweat event Saturday, June 6th at The Van Gogh Lounge. 

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