Whiting takes the stand during his theft trial

Abbey Niezgoda


North Providence's top cop took the stand in his own defense Monday morning, denying claims that he stole more than $700 from a stripper's SUV last August.

“I did not intend to steal the money,” Whiting told the judge. “I wouldn't steal the money. I just put it in my pocket.”

He says when he gave Officer John Brown the money, and told him to put it into evidence, he got a strange response.

“He mumbled something, made some sort of statement, was it stolen…and I said did I steal it. I've never stolen anything in my life,” Whiting said.

Whiting's statement contradicts what Officer Brown said on the stand last week.

“He told me he had stolen the money,” Brown said. “That he wanted me to take it.”

When Brown was hesitant to take the money, Whiting said he got frustrated and told him to spend it in Vegas. He says it was meant to be sarcastic.

“I said I do not care if you <expletive> take it to Vegas, just log it and put it into evidence,” Whiting said.

It is evidence that is now being used against Whiting, whose 33 year career is now in jeopardy over $714.

“I admit I made a mistake not counting the dollars in front of him but that's the only mistake I made.”