Jury reads texts between Hernandez, trainer from morning of murder

By: Melissa Randall


Brian McDonough, a personal trainer to professional athletes, was subpoenaed to the witness stand Tuesday in the first murder trail against Aaron Hernandez. McDonough says on June 16, 2013 he received a voice mail from the former Patriot looking to set up a work out time before training camp began. The two were supposed to get together the next day, but Hernandez blew him off saying he got a new phone and couldn’t reach him.

The work out was pushed back again, this time until the 18th. McDonough told jurors that he waited around for Hernandez, but he never showed. That was the morning of the murder. When he texted him to find out what was going on the ex-NFL player responded ‘suttin came up’ and ‘back around which should be soon’. 

That testimony came after a second testy exchange in the trial.This time between Hernandez’s attorney and a crime scene analyst for the Massachusetts State Police. James Sultan attacked John Moran on the witness stand about a problem a test performed in his lab back in 2012. The issue had nothing to do with the Hernandez case, but Moran was taken off case work for a period of time. He was later reinstated. The exchange was shortly after Moran testified about not finding any blood evidence on a rented Nissan Altima in Hernandez’s name.

One day after maids testified about finding guns in the Hernandez home, a third house keeper describe Tuesday seeing the former Patriot’s fiance removing a suspicious black trash bag from the basement. The defense pointed out that Shayanna Jenkins didn’t appear to be hiding what she was doing from staff, but through a translator a maid describes her former boss’ demeanor afterwards.

“I saw her speaking on the telephone. I saw her looking out the window. I saw her- she was crying. She was nervous and she was walking back and fourth,” testified Carla Barbosa.

Several troopers also took the stand for day 14 of trial. One of them identifying clothing similar to what Hernandez was seen wearing the day of the murder including a white long sleeve shirt, jeans and several pairs of white Nike sneakers. Two were tested for blood right away and came back negative. Two more were not tested until months later.

A second trooper identified the shirts and shoes Lloyd was wearing when Hernandez allegedly killed him. The victims mother, mouthing “my baby” at photos of his bullet riddled body. At one point she became so emotional she had to leave the courtroom.

Later in the day a crime scene analyst testified about usual marks she witnessed on a guest bed in the basement.
“The under side of the mattress had several dents in the actual fabric that formed what appeared to be a pattern or impression in the fabric itself,” explained Jessica Robidoux. 

Those marks are presumably form a gun seen by housekeeping staff. The murder weapon still has not been found.

Testimony will pick back up Wednesday with a half day scheduled.

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