‘Keep the white gold coming!’ Plow truck drivers thrilled as RI gets more snow

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – As Rhode Island is hit with more snow, people are getting fed up, but plow truck drivers are grateful for the ‘white gold.’

“Keepin’ busy, that’s all we can expect,” said Tyrone Dalo, owner of The Plow King. “White gold! Last winter, not so good.”

Dalo is spending the afternoon and evening Tuesday plowing driveways and parking lots, but sanding has been his primary focus in the last few storms.

“Last storm we just had, everything turned to a sheet of ice. Everything needed sanding and salting because it’s dangerous to walk around.”

He said last winter season hurt his bottom line, as Rhode Island saw little to no snow.

“We’re always busy doing something, but yeah it hurts your pocketbook when it doesn’t snow like last year. Even when you get a mild winter it’s not too bad, but last year was just horrible for everybody. Keep the white gold comin’!”

Some Rhode Islanders, on the other hand, are fed up with the winter storms.

“We’ve got too much as it is so far, so, I’ve had enough,” said Chad of Burrillville.

Chad was at Lowe’s in North Providence picking up a shovel. He said he’s been shoveling so much that he had to replace his old one.

Others are just wishing for warmer days.

“It’s cold. I’m not a big fan of the snow,” said Steve Bryer of Providence. “I wish I was in Brazil right now. I would be down there, sitting at a tiki bar, drinking my little umbrella drinks!”


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