Less in the Kettle: Salvation Army Donations Down

The Rhode Island Salvation Army has 10 days to raise $150,000, which is how much they say they are short in kettle donations this season. 

Donations are down 15% from this time last year. Lt. John Luby of the Salvation Army attributes the shortfall to the growing number of people in need.

“The amount of people in need of services has doubled, even tripled in some areas in Rhode Island,” Luby said.

However, at the Stop and Shop in Cranston, bellringer Bob Burdett has seen a steady stream of givers.

“The bell gets their attention,” Burdett said. “Sometimes they stop and other times they just talk on their phone and walk right by.”

Distractions and tough economic times are just some of the reasons why the Salvation Army says its coming up short. In some larger cities, the charity is starting to arm their bellringers with debit and credit card readers in hopes of bringing in more revenue.

The kettle campaign runs through Christmas Eve.